Workflowy — an outliner app, with an interesting way to capture notes!

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3 min readDec 14, 2021

For me atleast!

Image from Workflowy

An outliner app — excellent for note-taking!

When I came across ‘Workflowy’ the very first time, was pleasantly surprised. It was a way easy to use, well built, and almost like app – made for me! And I am an impulsive buyer when it is for the gadgets and apps. I have opt for the Pro!

Here is some of my use case with an outliner named Workflowy:

With my first interaction with Workflowy – I have planned to have following key areas:

  1. Inbox – for daily notes and idea’s
  2. Active projects – 1 node for 1 project
  3. Area – key areas for long-term areas of interest
  4. Resources – to support active projects
Image from Author
Image from Author

Workflowy has simple interface and easy to use canvas.

You can simply start by adding nodes, ideas and the app will support you in this.

To give you an example: I have started using this app, as my daily planner and journal, to jot down daily to-do and schedule and end of the day you can check and mark off the things completed. It has helped me immensely and have started following the same in – Daily Mem.

The same goes for the key active projects- where I can create a node for a project, all the relevant development, tasks, meeting notes and resources are kept inside the project- that node.

Image from Author
image from Author

Workflowy — is super easy to use, you need not to organize in folders

Image courtesy from Workflowy
Image courtesy from Workflowy

Key features to explore in Workflowy are:

  • Mirror — you can keep same file in different location and use it as dashboard, CRM, Project Management as well.
  • Board View — For all the visual board lovers, this can be handy feature
  • Supports for attachments
  • Backlinks — useful for research, knowledge management and projects
  • Share — you can export or share with others

Workflowy do have dedicated YouTube Channel — which makes ‘getting started with workflowy’ easier while covering major features sets and use cases:

Give it a try, you will surely enjoy the simplicity of note-taking with infinite possibilities!

Looking forward to explore this tool in best of my capabilities.

Keep reading, Keep sharing!