Reflect app — my reasons to go Pro

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4 min readNov 16, 2022

Am I switching from to Reflect app?

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Out of curiosity and love, I keep testing and exploring new apps. This gives me a ton of joy and the reward is my experience and learning a few more things.

Very few apps have the ability to hook me from day one and in general, I try to use the app for at least 2 weeks before I decide or write about it.

With Reflect app — the decision was made after 2 days of use.

I am not a technical guy but just another user who loves tech and a system that supports personal productivity. Reflect app is now my go-to app for all the texts and note-taking requirements.

I have already shared my first impressions of Reflect app, but after using it for 2 weeks I am committed to using it for a long term with the Pro version.

I have been using for almost 2 years now (Mem X user), before that Evernote was my go-to app for texts and notes. In between and still, I use —, as my secondary note-taking system — a folder-based hierarchy and excellent export options. is my first serious love and I am looking forward to using it for some time to better understand my requirement and key differences, however here’s a brief idea of why I am considering Reflect app over (Mem X).

Over time; my requirement for note-taking has not changed much but I prefer the following:

  • Quick Capture
  • UI/UX
  • Backlinks
  • Templates
  • Calendar integration
  • App on iOS

On all the above criteria — Reflect app has at par or better performance compared to

However, the features where shines thru are:

  • Spotlight — a quick capture tool
  • Task integration (roadmap in Reflect app)
  • AI extension — a future of note-taking
  • Twitter integration

Whereas, Reflect offers;

  • Map/graph view
  • Kindle integration
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Offline support

But those are not my reasons, here’s my list:

Amazing iOS app:

One of the most polished iOS app experiences with Reflect app(still in beta), offers a super fast, very intuitive, and steady experience and all this while offering almost all the abilities of the web version.

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Outliner experience:

I preferred the outliner note-taking over the normal one but it is not the deal breaker for me. Outliner makes it easy to write, edit and view on Mobile devices and after using it on Reflect app, I am truly loving it.

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I found my backlink love in Reflect app, I have been using this in, but the way it is integrated into Reflect app, it makes it very intuitive to use on my phone and laptop.

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Map View:

I was never sure about the usability of the map/graph view till I found it in Reflect app. The graph view offers a visual presentation of all your connected notes and to be honest here; it looks pretty.

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Kindly sync

I like to read and like to highlight the key points, I use a pencil and notebook when I read a hard copy. With the ease and integration of Kindle sync, you don’t have to worry about the key highlights. It will automatically sync inside your Reflect app — A key differentiator for me.

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I like the folderless note structure in both apps, & Reflect app, and the ability to jot down your idea on past or future dates in Reflect app is what I prefer.

I am not going away from completely as of now and looking forward to seeing how both the app delivers in near future.

In a nutshell,

I am truly impressed with the polished app, speed, UI/UX, and simplicity of backlinking of Reflect app, and looking forward to using it every day.

Reflect app is surely on the higher side of pricing if I consider the traditional and current options like Bear,, Evernote, etc and at par with Mem X (ai supports) at 10$/month paid annually.

With the promise of task management coming in Reflect app, I am sure the app will deliver more value to its users.

Thank you for reading.

Keep reading, and keep sharing.