— an incredibly simple and fluid note-taking app

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2 min readSep 2, 2021
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note-taking — the earlier we understand importance of it, the BETTER!

I have been enlightened about the benefits of note-taking very lately, this is because I do not understand the importance and benefits of note-taking, capturing ideas, stories, case studies.

When I was studying, I have been collecting notes across notepads, typically subject wise, class wise, year wise. Recently only, I have started exploring and moving completely on online platforms for note-taking, whether it’s personal or professional front.

I am an user of multiple note-taking apps on multiple platforms like on Windows laptop, iPad and iPhone. Here are the apps I have been using or used at least for couple of months… Evernote (still using), Notion (database), Bear (mostly for notes on the GO), Craft.

Recently only in May-2021 I came across, thanks to Francesco D'Alessio at Keep Productive and that was the moment of enlightenment for my note-taking.

It has totally changed my idea of note-taking from standard practise of note-taking to capturing ideas or thoughts, key notes, meeting notes, book notes etc. I have been using daily since June 2021.

Here are few use cases of— the most fluid, superfast, super intuitive application:

  1. Note-taking

2. Tasks in

3. Daily Mem in

Features for me that really makes — a leap forward compare to other note-taking apps are:

1. Experience of distraction less, fluid note-taking

2. Integrated tasks inside the notes itself

3. Flow (templates) for daily journal, meeting notes etc

4. Calendar integration — allows you to jot down notes for the upcoming events.

5. Notes on the GO by texting or whatsapp to

6. ‘Spotlight’ super useful feature, yet to explore and awaiting for Windows App