How to master your task manager?

Image courtesy Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Here is how I am mastering my workflow:

1. First thing to start with in mastering your to-do list is to use it as a to-do list only.

No matter how beautiful notes it takes or manages your list of key projects, be as specific as possible with your to-do list.

2. Use action words to define your to-do.

Words are powerful and we underestimate its potential.

3. Use labels/tags wisely

Do not clutter your to-do list with all the labels and tags, I happen to have list of labels which ultimately of no use.

4. Use Inbox

An empty, open and clear mind is a blissful experience.

5. Limit your tasks for today

It is quite natural to be excited about getting things done and with the promise of ‘getting more things done’ by almost all the major player in to-do list category, we are tempted to commit more than we achieve.

  1. Use action words
  2. Use labels and tags — wisely
  3. Use Inbox
  4. Limit your tasks for Today



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